When Crucified Barbara explodes « La Poudrière »

La puissance féminine aux bout des doigts.

The hard rock band CRUCIFIED BARBARA has literally exploded the public from the « La Poudrière » in Leffrinckoucke (France) Friday, April 3, 2015. In fact the association C-comme-ça appealed to girls CRUCIFIED BARBARA, a group now firmly rooted in the rock n’ metal scene, to open the evening dedicated to Roury Gallagher. An audience of fans of the swedish group discovered the first « La Poudrière ».

CRUCIFIED BARBARA has five charming and female hard rockers that send heavy, very heavy even Mia Coldheart (vocals and guitar), Nicki Wicked (drum), Klara Force (guitar) and Ida Eviley (bass).

CRUCIFIED BARBARA them, it must be confessed, besides their breathtaking musical and theatrical power games are very pretty girls. Bernard G. therefore urge to push a little rant when we hear a pure idiot in the audience shouting between two third: «I love you, I fuck you». This is frankly the bad image of the big french beef. Ladies continued to vibrate the concert halls. You will always be welcome in France. And personally, you send so not a great hard rock brawny it is unfortunate that CRUCIFIED BARBARA is not rather consider the high ground and therefore headlining.

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